5 Mistakes New Watch Owners Can Makes and How to Avoid Them

To be a proud owbner of one or several luxury watches is an aspiration for many. However, high-calibre watch collections are more than a hobby; they are a statement of style and sophistication. And, if you are fortunate enough to own a Rolex, Omega, Breitling et al, you wil most likely know it is not just about the purchasing of them. They also demand great aftercare and respect. Granted, luxury watches are usually gifted with a robust build, but just like high-end cars, your wrist instruments require delicate care and servicing for healthy longevity..

So, in that spirit, we bring you some of the common mistakes made by new luxury watch owners:

Keep Moving

More often than not, luxury watch owners equate “care” with “not using.” They keep their watch “safely” locked up in their bedroom. Here’s the thing: watches are like cars; if you don’t use them regularly, they will deteriorate.

Unused or rarely used watches can encounter problems. The oils run dry, the movements stiffen, parts corrode in the presence of moisture, and the list goes on. So, use your watch regularly. If you absolutely have to store it, do it in an environmentally controlled area. And, perhaps consider investing in a watch winder to keep your watches ‘movement’ on point.

Plan Ahead

For many a beautiful watch becomes a literal attachment, but in truth one shouldn’t wear it universally. Typical examples where caution should be advised is when going on holidays. Sand and seawater can be wearing and caution is advised. Also, strenuous holiday activities where you would rather keep your watch safe on your wrist can be a hitbed for scratching – such as fishing, watersports and skiing. The watches are made to be robust, but plan ahead, keep them safe and look after them wisely. If you want to have your watch on you during these moments, a quick and easy solution is bringing a sweatband with you. Slide it on whenever you need and feel more confident of avoiding knocks and scratches. No sweatband, long-sleeve top covering yoru watch can be a temporary solution for impromptu activities.

Changing Straps Yourself

The deceptive nature of the job can make strap changing look quite simple. It’s not!

You need high-quality tools and trained hands. If not done right, a lousy strap job will be the least of your worries. You can leave scratch marks all over the watch and give it a scruffy look.

And it’s not all about aesthetics; there’s the experience factor too. If the job is not done right, you will know it – the watch will not sit quite as well on your hand.

Your watch is an investment and ensure to avoid corner-cutting and put it in the hands of highly experienced professionals.

Delaying Servicing

Cogs wear out, inner lubricants congeal, dust & dirt gathers, and time takes its toll on every watch. A refined mechanical watch needs regular servicing to stay at its “ticking” best.

Watch servicing is an intricate affair. The watch is disassembled into small parts, checked for issues, and reassembled again by skilled technicians.

When it comes to servicing a watch, there is no single straightforward answer. The servicing needs can be as unique as the watches themselves.

A good rule of thumb is to regulary service your watch every 3 years. However, if your instrument appears to need service within the first year, do not hesitate to get it checked.

It is not always easy to find a local watchmaker, so explore all options (such as a secure and insured repair-by-post) for ensuring your watch is cared for to the highest level.

There’s More Than Time

Luxury watches are not only beautiful but also highly functional. Many come with an array of highly intricate and useful features. Chronometers, for instance, offer built-in timers, stopwatches and highly robust waterproofing.

Let your watch be more than a beautiful showpiece. Take time to get familiar with its features and learn how to master them. The features are there due to the highly skilled training from the watchmaker. Take advantage of the fine-tuned craftsmanship and love put into building your watch. We often find that owners simply don’t use the watch to its fullest potential. If you are fortunate to own a Rolex, Omega, Tag, Cartier etc, then ensure you know its bespoke functionalities and utilize them – the watch was built for it!

Enjoy Your Art

If you could see what is under the hood (so to speak) you would quickly realise that what you are wearing on your wrist is more akin to mechanical art rather than fashion. And like any art, enjoy it, care for it and protect it and it will be very possible that it could appreciate in value.

All the common mistakes that new luxury watch owners tend to make are easily fixed. So, don’t let them prevent you from wearing your watch frequently and enjoying it to the fullest. There are many qualified and certified professionals who can help you keep your collection in the best shape and value – we are one of those options and would love to offer you a free assessment and estimate.